Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We should have known that the decision of being a Students' Rep will also comes with a huge responsibility with it. It is not a decision made with just a simple thought of wanting it. Anyhow, we are already here. Preparing ourselves to face the needs of the students and also to be the medium between the administration and the students. Just so that everyone knows, it is not easy and it never is.

It is when you are at the top that you see and know many things you have ever imagined before. There and then, there is a corner in you heart that you wish, you want to give your best, very best for the people whom watch you from below. And thats us. And its what we wanted to do.

Things like this that we would really appreciate each others commitment, cooperation and every good things that comes with it. There are certain things in this world that when you don't see it, it doesn't mean it didn't work. Its like you heart, you might not see it beating 70 beats per minute, but its always there, beating and continue as the living part of you.

May Allah bless all of us, and be with us in the future endeavor.

Note: Thank you Allah, for every heartbeat..